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Southwest Airlines

You've arrived into the webpage of a most-formidable but affordable Airlines Service! This is no hype or hoopla, but truth by 100%. Just see the following and you'll agree wholeheartedly, you've selected the right choice by availing the services of Southwest Airlines. We give below in a crisp note, the favorable features and benefits you reap, by this most-popular domestic Airlines Service of them all in the U.S., adjudged as the largest low-cost carrier globally.

Credible History:

Started as a small venture by two partners in 1967, in Dallas, Texas with the initial name of Air Southwest Co., the Airlines Service has grown into a big corporate entity, as of today. It has become the role-model for low-cost carrier services around the world; and many airlines get inspiration by their business-model, in every aspect of customer-satisfaction. Yet the Airlines Service had to stave off many challenges and legal battle initially en-route, from three other airline companies. Finally the Texas Supreme Court upheld the rights of Air Southwest, and the name was changed as Southwest Airlines. From then on no looking back and the Airlines Service grew from strength to strength. More destinations were added and more Airlines were merged, the latest being AirTran Airways in the year 2011. This success story of Southwest Airlines became possible, by the credence and goodwill it earned from their travelers in the U.S., who prefer Southwest Airlines as their "First Choice".

Southwest Airlines Fleets:

Right from the beginning, Southwest showed interest in flying Boeing 737 aircrafts, barring some intermittent periods in the 70s and 80s to use some leased flights of 727. As of date, the Airlines operates 707 aircrafts, the majority of them totaling 475 are 737-700 variants. Altogether an amazing number of 3800 flights are operated daily.


You can get Southwest Airlines planes flying to 97 destinations within the U.S. in 41 States. In addition, you can fly to Central America, Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Interestingly, Southwest flies its planes to top-destinations of Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Denver. People who fly on business as well as pleasure, find Southwest Airlines most economical and at the same time very comfortable. Money saved is equal to money earned. In these hard days of living, why spend unnecessarily on air-fares, when there is Southwest Airlines making their service very much competitive in cost, compared to peers. Another favorable feature of Southwest Airlines is its "Point-to- Point" transit system, whereas all other airlines use the conventional "hub-and- spoke" system. This means you need not undergo the hassle of going to a central location and change flight to your intended destination, wasting time.

International Destinations:

Best part is Southwest Airlines have partnership arrangements, with other prominent and renowned Airline Services like ATA Airlines, Westjet, Icelandair and Volaris. This way, you need to buy a ticket at Southwest for your intended destination, national and international, and owing to the partnership agreement, these Airlines will accept your tickets as valid; and you can happily fly to those international destinations. Virtually you avail 4 Airline Services by buying a single ticket. How wonderful it is?

Happy Customer Experience:

Southwest Airlines boasts with pride that according to the Department of Transportation (DOT), they have been bagging the honor of maintaining excellent customer satisfaction ratings; and also stands out with lowest number of passenger complaints, compared to all other U.S. Airlines put together. The interior arrangement of any aircraft is typically noticed by the traveler. On that count, Southwest is miles away in front in modifying their interior frequently from type to type – Evolve Interior to latest and sophisticated Heart Interior – which means lighter and most comfortable seat arrangements; more knee-room and additional moving space for passengers.

In-flight Entertainment:

Southwest Airlines is second to none in providing in-flight entertainment to their passengers, by making available AVOD (Audio and Video On Demand) for personal entertainment. All flights are provided with Wi-Fi and power outlets for plugging any device or laptop.


All passengers can carry 23 Kgs. and Southwest is the only Airline that does not charge anything for the first two checked-in bags. So select Southwest Airlines and you're flying through an Airline Service, which has been listed in its Most Admired Companies by Fortune Magazine, for the last 21 years! Earn Rapid Rewards Points by flying frequently to further reduce your ticket-cost!

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