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Air Canada

You've made the right choice to fly most-comfortably through Air Canada, the flag carrier and largest Airlines service of Canada, as also the world's tenth largest passenger airlines by fleet size. You can feel reassured that your flight is operated by one of the Canada's best managed companies; and holds the 4 th best safety record of all airlines of world-fame, put together. Just by seeking the air-travel service from Air Canada, it has become a breeze for you to reach world destinations worth the name, spread over 6 inhabited continents of today. Maximized passenger comforts, modernized fleets and most safe and speedier arrival at your intended airport are the plus factors of Air Canada.

Impressive History:

The federal government of Canada passed legislation in 1936 to form an airline service, by name Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA). This new organization was created as a subsidiary of Canadian National Railway (CNR). Some planes were purchased for this purpose, by the Transport Department from Canadian Airways. They were 2 Lockheed Model 10 Electras and 1 Boeing Stearman biplane; and the passenger flights started to fly from 1937. The Government changed the headquarters from Winnipeg to Montreal in 1949. In 1953, TCA experienced a mile-stone development, and created history by achieving the name as the first airline in the world, to use Computer Reservation system and remote terminals. In 1965 the name was changed as Air Canada, and it was a memorable occasion for the airline service, since none other than Queen Elizabeth II flew on the first aircraft bearing the new name. In 1978 another record was created as Judy Cameron became the first female pilot of this airline service. In 1989 Air Canada became completely privatized. The decades from 1990 to 2010 brought forth many ups and downs for Air Canada. While modernization, reorganization and acquisition of the competitor Canadian Airlines took place, to make the company bigger and bigger, financial constraints were also experienced and the company dipped into Bankruptcy. The restructuring of the company and steering it towards profitability was successfully accomplished later on. Huge financial outlay for modernization of the fleet, with latest model aircrafts from Boeing continues to retain the name of world's largest fleet size, with sophisticated aircrafts. Thus an airline service that started with some gone-by model aircrafts initially, now owns superlative quality aircrafts that make air-travel a pleasant experience.

Fleet Information:

As of today, Air Canada Flight has 171 airplanes; of them Embraer 190 aircrafts are majority; Boeing Airbus A320 accounts for 37 planes and Airbus A-200 are 48 in number. Good news is Air Canada has placed a massive order for 33 aircrafts, from the upcoming Boeing 737 MAX8.


You can fly to any destinations in the six continents – 178 global destinations to be exact that includes 21 domestic cities of Canada. Air Canada is part of the prestigious Star Alliance; and therefore you can buy tickets for other globally popular international airlines through them, by virtue of their partnerships and code-share agreements. The specialty about Air Canada is through their subsidiary "Air Canada Vacations" you get lucrative and profitable travel packages to visit world- famous tourist destinations that include cruises, excursions, car rentals etc. from this "Best Travel Wholesaler" Award Winner.

Passenger Classes:

Primarily on all Air Canada flights, you've two classes – Business and Economy. In long-haul international routes you can avail Premium Economy with reclining seats to form a bed.

Baggage Allowance:

You've the advantage of carrying personal luggage not weighing more than 10 kgs. and a laptop computer in flights. The checked luggage allowance is one bag of 23 kgs. for economy flyers, and 2 bags not exceeding 32 kgs. for business class flyers.

Amenities and Entertainments:

Under the modernization program of Air Canada fleets, many recreation facilities have been inducted for passenger convenience. In-flight Wi-Fi; power outlets for all classes for plugging laptop; Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD) to view TV programs, movies or video games. Business class cabins are provided with bigger screens, noise cancelling headphones and access to airline's lounges. All in all you won't feel the tiredness of a long journey by air.

Frequent Flyer Programs:

In line with other global airline services, Air Canada has fabulous Frequent Flyer Rewards – Aero Plan and Air Canada Altitude. While the former can fetch you rewards, by way of airline tickets; reservations; hotel chains; car rental agencies, buying merchandises and a lot more, the latter awards you flying status and entailing rewards according to your status. Fly Air Canada and fly with happiness!

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