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Lufthansa Airlines

You have chosen an airline service, which is very popular globally and dates back to the pre-war period of Germany. Yet through modernization efforts time and again, Lufthansa has been retaining the title today, as the largest airline service in entire Europe, in terms of passengers flown, which figure stood in 2014 as a group of airlines under the banner Lufthansa at 106 million, through 615 aircraft totally. Yes – when you use Lufthansa Airlines, you are using a Group of Airlines, wholly owned, partly owned, subsidiaries and associated with Lufthansa, in carrying passengers across the world. Lufthansa is the founding member of Star Alliance, which is the largest airline alliance in the world, along with other four globally popular airlines.

Interesting History:

Germany as a nation went into untold havoc by World Wars. The history of Lufthansa starts in the pre-war period of undivided Germany in 1926. Originally the name was Deutsche Luft Hansa A.G. (DLH) in Berlin. It was the official state carrier of German Flag until 1945. Luft means in German "air" and Hansa means "guild" in Latin. After destructions in war, all services were suspended. After 8 years of struggle, efforts were on to form a new airline company Luft, headquartered at Cologne under State control, as DLH's successor. Even then West Germany was not granted sovereignty of airspace to fly airplanes. Yet the new-found company acquired air crafts in the models available in those days. In 1954 Luftag acquired the old name and logo from the liquidated DLH and established the traditional name Lufthansa. From April 1955 onwards Lufthansa was granted permission to fly domestic flights to link up Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich. Ironically due to the special status of Berlin, Lufthansa was not allowed to fly to either part of Berlin until 1989. Only after the reunification of Germany, Lufthansa added Berlin as one of its destinations. During the intervening decades, Lufthansa grew in size and fleet strength, acquiring latest models of aircrafts. It introduced jetliners as early as 1960 and in 1964 introduced Boeing 727. In the gap between 1970 and 1980, Lufthansa took part in the wide-body-era of aircrafts. A systematic fleet modernization program was taken up and latest model Boeing Airbus aircrafts were inducted. Until the year 2010, the expansion plans of Lufthansa in mergers, acquisitions and take-over of other prominent airlines went on unabated. The year 2010 saw a slip in revenue and the company promptly embarked on belt-tightening efforts, and has come back to profitability path. With such vast experience in running Lufthansa, you can feel assured of impeccable air-line service for your air-trips to any destination.

Lufthansa Fleet info:

As of today, Lufthansa has a fleet-strength of 266 airplanes of mixed aircrafts coming from Boeing and Airbus. One-fifth of the fleet is formed by Airbus A-320- 200. New aircrafts are on order to buy latest Airbus A350-900, Boeing 777-9 and A320 neo version.

Lufthansa Destinations:

You can fly anywhere to the world destinations, by Lufthansa flights and other Group Airlines Services. Lufthansa alone operates flights to 29 domestic and 197 international destinations in 78 countries, located in Africa, The Americas, Europe, and Asia. Since Lufthansa is a member of Star Alliance, you can buy tickets for other airlines, code-sharing airlines, and partners through Lufthansa counter.

Passenger Classes:

Four Passenger Classes namely First Class, Business Class; Premium Economy and Economy Class are available at Lufthansa. First Class flyers on long-haul flights can enjoy 2 meter beds, and power outlets for laptops and personal entertainment. There are flights without First Class on long-haul routes as well.

Baggage Allowance:

Depending upon the passenger class you are flying, Lufthansa baggage allowance varies from 1 bag not exceeding 23 kgs. for economy class flyers; 2 bags not exceeding 23 kgs. for premium economy class; and 2 bags within the limit of 32 kgs. for Business Class passengers. 3 bags not exceeding 32 kgs. are allowed for First Class flyers.

Personal entertainment inside Lufthansa flights:

Irrespective of class products, all passengers onboard Lufthansa flights are provided with AVOD – Audio and Video on Demand system, to enjoy viewing movies, TV channels, video games and music entertainment. Power outlets are there to plug in your laptop computers, and immerse in the Internet world in all Passenger Classes. You can enjoy Lufthansa's frequent flyer program "Miles & More" which is shared by all Lufthansa group of airline services, to bring forth many benefits and rewards fabulously!

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